Jane and I


I suppose since you’re here, you have some questions for us: ‘What’s iGalen?’ ‘Who are the people behind it?’ ‘What are their motives?’ ‘Is it a power-hungry corporation bent on dominating our world?’ (well, yes…with organic healthcare!)

So, let’s clear the air with some intros. My name is Brent Guild. I am a computer geek, and I’ve been getting my hands dirty with these techy gizmos my entire life, whether its opening a computer store, doing data entry work or forming an online service community.

I would also like to introduce you to my lovely wife, Jane. She has used her spectrum of skills as a writer, editor, graphic and web designer and manger in her career.

And as you can see at the bottom right of this webpage, we are platinum leaders and distributors at iGalen.

Now, despite our diverse professional backgrounds, my wife and I have a lot of shared interests. We have this innate draw towards nature. We are avid gardeners, and you won’t find a day when our house doesn’t have a foster dog from the local rescue society. And this proximity to nature has given us perspective!

So, you may be wondering, WHY ARE WE SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT? Why does it inspire us?

We have observed that in our fast-paced society, struggling against deadlines, we have taken shortcuts and turned a blind eye to the consequences. And this stress, fast food, anxiety, sleep deprivation and medication use is slowly but surely degrading our internal systems.

I had personally been afflicted with a painful condition for several years, and this product has essentially kick-started my recovery. Emulin+™ from iGalen is an all-natural botanical supplement that helps people with managing their carbs intake, keeping diabetes and a host of other diseases at bay by fighting the inflammation that our carb-centric diet causes.

Emulin+™ is merely one of the products by iGalen that allows our body to function at peak capacity, thus enhancing and enriching our lives. Our products boost you up to your 100% so that you can have a productive and energetic lifestyle.

We welcome your questions and would be even happier to welcome you to our team!