My own personal testimony

In my late teens – early 20s, I am 51 now, I was being slowly paralyzed down my entire left side due to a spinal condition I was born with and a subsequent fluid cyst of spinal fluid, syrinx, that had formed along my cervical spine. I had a very risky surgery at 23 that fixed the paralysis issue but left some residual damage along the spine.

The only notable symptom I had for a long time was some minor balance issues, no riding a bike or skiing for me.

About 11 years ago that injured part of my spine developed Osteo-Arthritis and the added inflammation from the arthritis started causing pain in a number of locations, arms, hands, legs, ankles as well migraines. The chronic pain got so bad that in the past 2 years I have been going to the pain clinic every 3 months for spinal injections and prescribed a variety of pain medication. Usually by the time my 6 week follow up at the pain clinic comes up I am already more than ready for my next injection but have to suffer through the next 6 weeks before it can be done.

2 months ago I was introduce to iGalen and Emulin, I am taking less pain medication now than I have in 10 years. I am due for my next treatment at the pain clinic and I am not taking any pain medication during the day at all and haven’t had a migraine in 6 weeks.

Brent Guild
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What others are saying…….

On the scale this morning

Got on scale this morning now I am at 8 lbs lost since starting taking Emulin on Mon 2/6 . Going to start husband who has had type 1 diabetes since 1990. Going to start with 1 C capsule a day and see if or what kind of reaction to his insulin intake. Also put my mother in laws CNA who has high blood pressure, addicted to cakes and candies and has neck and tightness in chest muscles she gets panic attacks and takes Atavan but wants to get off Meds. She agreed to try and will monitor her reaction.
Going to be sending up to NY a bottle of C, daughter in law has gestational diabetes and she’s going to take it to her OB. Also one bottle to my one daughter who's is a critical care RN does 12 hr shifts in emergency room and diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She will be sending me weekly proggress reports. Other daughter is Revenue Manager for Cardiac Thoracic Unit, North Shore Health System, her direct supervisor is a Nurse Practitioner and she's going too bring it to the unit for the 40 or so doctors she works with so they can do their own independent research an product and she is going to ask them for written testimony. When I get info back from there will update group.
Also going to start my 2 1/2 yr old 115 lb Rottweiler who blew out her ACL in fall of 2015. I refused to make her get the TPLO surgery and rehabilitated her at home using holistic methods an anti-inflammatory supplements she is 90% but when she does too much with my 20 month old male 125 lb. Mastweiler you can see her favor her left knee and when it rains you can see it in her demeanor that she is in pain, she needs to lose about 10 lbs . Will update group so they can give info to other people who's animals might be suffering from joint inflammation or hip problems.
Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend, I'm going to try to get started on building web site which always gives me a headache

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A good news testimony!

A good news testimony! I've been on C instead of M since 4-27-17 and had my BP taken again today and it has come down from 138/94 on April 20 while on M to 128/84 today!!! A nice improvement in both top and bottom numbers in 15 days from switching to C!!

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Clots in my right arm

Apologies for short point message.I'm home with clots in my right arm (superficial but whole vein) have to type left handed.
So am taking product (C) to help with blood sugars.
Normally blood pressures fine but last few weeks with clot issues has been around 146/97.forget precise #'s
Today at weekly followup they took blood pressure.Nurse took it twice to make sure .130 over 90.
Both nurse and Dr were impressed.I ask Dr "the bloodthinner you have me on would that somehow lower my blood pressure"
He says no in fact with clots right now its even harder than normal to get your blood pressure down because of (goes into Dr. talk my eyes glaze over) I say to him well Im taking this fantastic new supplement for the last FOUR days. He says basically yep that will be why.
Holy *bleep* So damn glad that this product exists & so glad to be on board.
Typing this lefthanded only has taken me the last 15 + mins for this but I couldnt *not* share this.
Anyone on the fence about trying this..just get it done your not going to regret it

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loving this product!

I am absolutely loving this product!
I have been diagnosed with leaky gut and severe inflammation and arthritis asthma and severe allergies!
I went to see my naturopath yesterday she was going through all of my supplements and she kept telling me no you can't take this no more no you can't take that no I want you off of this I held my breath when she got to my Emulin...
And she said now this is good these ingredients will definitely help with your inflammation continue taking this
I am loving my Emulin! Since I have severe inflammation I'm taking two in the morning and two late afternoon!
I have definitely noticed a difference in my sleep quality. I usually wake up about two or three times a night and I have been sleeping all the way through!
Like John Ward says..
These are happy magic pills man!!

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30 day results

Hello my Name is Mark Cossari and this is my 30 day results (okay well 32 days) using Emulin+ from iGalen, please know all that know me, know this is way out of my comfort zone, so please bear with me a bit as I tell you a little about myself, my results and how I came about being a distributor and using Emulin+ for my own results..
I am 55 years old and I have a 12 year old daughter (So I started Late in life) and for about 9 years of her life I hid my nasty habit of smoking from her, one day I was out on the deck having a smoke when she came outside (and of course I tossed my smoke) she asked me if I smoked, not going to lie to her I told her YES baby I do…she proceeded to run inside crying (I broke her heart) and that day I promised her that I would quit… and I did 4/14/2014 so this April 14th I am 3 years Smoke Free!
In those 3 years I packed on the weight as you can see, and because of that I also started having many other issues like Metatarsalgia and Gout in my Left foot and Achilles tendonitis in my Right foot both forms of inflammation and all around joint problems all caused by a body full of inflammation. so those of you that has or do suffer from any of these know of the pain that I was in…and many sleepless nights..
So much pain that I finely gave in and made and an appointment with a local foot specialist for a Monday appointment on the Thursday before I was supposed to go and pick up paper work to fill out and get it ready for Monday, So on Thursday evening while on Facebook I saw a good friend Carmen Patino post something about iGalen and Emulin+ and how it was a Carb Manager and it worked on inflammation so right away I asked her about it and she sent me some information and 3 videos to watch on the company and product Emulin+ I was very impressed with the doctors has to say about the product, so impressed that I Canceled my appointment Friday morning and was willing to give the product a fair shake, so much that without even trying a sample I dove right in and decided to become a distributor, I looked at it this way, I was going to spend that money on the doctors bill, so I was willing to go for it!
My results in my eyes have been amazing, I have no more sleepless nights caused by the pain I was in I lost weight and inches and my quality of life has done a complete turnaround… and the funny thing about the weight I lost… This is not a diet pill… the weight lost is one of the side effects of taking Emulin along with better sleep, more energy .. And just feeling good all over..
It was created by two Nobel Prize nominated Doctors to help us MANAGE the way the body processes SUGAR and CARBS. Patented for the treatment of unstable blood sugar and Inflammation…
So as of today I will start my next 30 day results and I know they will be just as amazing… if you care to follow my progress send me a friend request or just follow me on Facebook… I would hope that you would contact the person who has introduced to the company and product and get started today… Emulin for me has been a change of life… Peace.

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My energy has been amazing......

My energy has been amazing the past few days. I'm someone that takes Midol (I can't take NSAIDs) every afternoon as I get fatigued and sore everywhere but especially in my neck and shoulders and I haven't taken anything. Haven't even thought about it. The Weightloss this morning made me think, what else is different and it dawned on me that I hadn't felt that way or taken anything. My shoulder feels less tight and less pain. When I wake up. I'm awake. Way more alert then I normally am in the AM. Love love love this stuff. ❤?❤? I'm so jazzed!

charlotte Reid
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I'm shrinking

OMG I took my measurements this morning and I'm down 3" in my waist and 5" from my hips! Been on emulin+ since Feb.
The carpul tunnel in my left wrist continues to get better every day.
A few other things I've noticed:
* sleeping better
* feel full
* all day energy
* less pain and inflammation from carpel tunnel
* less sugar cravings 🙂 I love sweets C.F.

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Muffin Top Shrinking

Although this is not a weight loss product, I can tell you that 20 days in and without changing anything I am down 4 pounds. The muffin top is getting smaller! I am in good health and active so I can just say I have a better overall feeling. This is truly good for all ages. I am hypothyroid and will have blood work done in about a week, will let you know if any changes. I let go of carbs a year and half ago, the best thing ever in my better health.

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Sugar Cravings Gone!

It's working - our teenager who will eat 2 bags of Skittles in one afternoon or 28 fruit rollups in 2 days (if we don't catch her first!) has been on Emulin for 3 days. Yesterday afternoon she received three candy bracelets. She had two after dinner and today the third one is sitting uneaten on her desk. Way to go Emulin! Cutting those sugar cravings!!! Update: The next night she took 4 spring rolls, only ate 2, demanded we leave the other 2 for her and then went to bed without remembering to eat them. Reese's Pieces ice cream (her favorite) is going uneaten in the freezer.... so happy with Emulin right now!!! Anonymous

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Kids say the darndest things 🙂

My 10yr old twins take emulin for general health. One of them said out of the blue "I have a burst of energy in the morning now! I don't know why, but I really like it coz before I was like ERRGHH! when it was time to get up." Mmmmm.... 😀
Thanks Emulin

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Amazing! ?

I've had bursitis in both knees for about 3 years. I have prescription cream that has worked to ease the inflammation and pain somewhat but it never completely goes away. If I have to kneel on one or both knees it's agonizing.
I was also taking 400 mg of ibuprofen a day for my knee and a couple of arthritis issues but was told by my dr. to stop and take acetaminophen instead due to stomach issues. Acetaminophen doesn't work and also has undesirable side effects so here I was with no good solution for this. Then about a month ago my sister Heather Popp Law gave me a bottle of Emulin M. Up to a few days ago I hadn't really noticed any significant difference in how I felt until I had to climb under a desk at work this week.
I had to to fix a computer issue and had to do the dreaded crawl under the desk (this is going to hurt like hell). Low and behold, as I put my knees on that floor, I felt no knife stabbing pain for the first time in 3 years. I can't wait to see what else this is going to do.

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Global game changer!

Have had a "broken body" since my pregnancy and delivery of my (17mth) twins. Mobility has been a huge issue as the extreme case of edema only left my body about 75%, leaving me with a constant stress fractured foot due to water weight.
People were shocked when they saw the condition of my feet/ they're speechless with the results in such a short so thankful! I can get up and down off the ground consistently during playtime, dance parties and walks are "our thing" and I'm sure soon, I'll be able to wear proper shoes again! I have some beauties collecting dust! 🙂
cravings are down about 60% and I've lost 4lbs in the first week:) Thank you Natasha for inviting me on this journey with you! I'm excited to see how many lives will be impacted from this outstanding company!

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This product is a lifesaver.

Here is my testimony overview after 3 months on emulin+... Have lost 4 lbs of unwanted fat, Energy is high, solid & calm, Sleeping more restful needing less hours, Digestive issues I've struggled with for 50+ years are gone, Rosacea & Hormonal skin concerns are gone, Have no desire for sugar, period.

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So Grateful!

I have been taking Emulin C for 3 weeks now, no I am not Diabetic but have suffered from Chronic Inflammation since last April when I dislocated and fractured my shoulder. For most of the last year I have been on strong pain medication to try and deal with the pain which was almost useless.

I just had to manage in significant pain most of the time and also a chronic lack of sleep since the pain prevented me from getting enough rest.
Within a week of starting on the Emulin I noticed I was actually sleeping through the night again and my daytime pain levels were much lower as well as the pain level I have had in my left hip for over a decade (without a known medical reason for it) had also dropped.

The end of 2 weeks I was off all pain medication, the reflux I was suffering from as a result of the meds is gone, my pain level is minimal, I am sleeping much better and have far greater movement in my right shoulder and can now do things with it that I have been unable to do for almost a year now!

Every Wednesday we do a 500km (over 310 Miles) round trip to the Coast and back to visit customers and team members with our offline job, this means spending 9 - 12 hours in the car during the day with 5 hours of that being the return trip alone. Usually when we arrive my left hip has locked up and when I get out of the car I need to stretch it and wait for the pain to kick in and during the day with the multiple times I get in and out of the car the pain level increases. By the time we get home I am barely able to walk, have a pronounced limp and am afraid the leg will collapse under me most times............. this week it did not lock up and I was pain free for the entire day!!!!

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Update.... YAY Emulin!

Just saw my parents. EMULIN C for a little over a week. My dad has more energy:) his knee pain is almost gone, his blood sugars are down from 10 ( every meal) now a consistent 7! His diabetic foot neuropathy is improving, he said his balance is better! ( which had been getting worse):) My mom has way more energy! Aches and pains are better:) And this has only been a week!

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Thank you Val and iGalen

I have been taking Emulin for just over a week as well. Down 5 pounds and at least 4 inches. I also badly broke my foot in 3 places 2 and a half years ago I've had 2 surgeries with not much relief. By day 2 the pain had subsided to almost none at all. I may actually be able to do the activities I love to do once again. I haven't had this much energy since my twenties. I'm actually sleeping through the night and feeling so rested every morning.

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For Dogs too!

Have a great testimony my Dog was breathing heavy and saliva coming out of his mouth. he's 13 years old he has lumps underneath his chest. my husband came home on emergency to take him to the vet to put him down. One of my friends Dodie Cook told me she heard a testimony to give the dog animal Emulin so I did and my dog did not have to be put down, he is normal after a day and a half. one pill morning noon and night and then I gave him more and he is like a new dog. this is for animal lovers. ?

D. A.
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Love it

I have been recovering from shingles at the age of 39, I have not been able to Excersise since October 2016. I have been on Emulin M for 3 weeks! I have recovered from a 3 week sinus infection during these 3 weeks with no medication and tonight I have FINALLY worked out at a level I am happy with!
I am sleeping through the night!
I am awake and not tired during the day!

S. B.
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No more pain

Hey gang, I am so excited to share my story. I have been horrible sciatic pain due to a rear-end car accident 3 years ago. I have tried everything for the pain and finally Emulin has taken my pain away. A sample was sent to me and I tried it and about the 4th day I noticed that the sciatic pain was gone. I ran out of the sample and the pain came back 5 days later. I received my kit and started takin Emulin M and by the 4th day, the pain was gone. I know it's the Emulin that has taken my pain away. 🙂


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No Cravings!

I started Emulin on January 11th...noticing changes right away: great clarity, not thinking about food all of the time, quicker recovery after my long trail runs, and no PMS symptoms or cravings. For those that know me I loved potato chips....I have not craved or had chips since I started Emulin....sorry Old Dutch... you have lost a loyal customer....oh happy me 🙂

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